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What is a Kancha?
For over three thousand we have been building America,
large common, empty enclosures,
opened within nature like a gift,
so that people can fill them with what is theirs:
some with their belongings and isolated palaces,
others with the emptiness of what they remember,
all that they care for and is not present.
Gratuitousness -
to do more than strictly necessary -
makes us human.

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was born in Santiago, Chile in 1949. He is an Architect from the ETSAB-UPC in Barcelona, Spain in 1973. He has obtained awards in Chile and other countries, like the first prize at the III Latin-American Architecture Biennale (2002) and in the biennales of Miami (2001), Quito (2000), Santiago (2004), and the Grand Prize at the Landscape Competition in Moscow 2005, the World Architecture Arup Award for Best Latin-American architectural piece in 2001 and the National Architectural Award of Chile in 2006, among others. His main projects are the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo Sevilla in 1992, the Explora Hotel and the Remota Hotel in the Chilean Patagonia, the Explora Hotel and the Puritama Hot Springs in Atacama, the Gracia Vineyard in Totihue, the Geometric Hot Springs in Villarrica, the Seña vineyard in Aconcagua, as well as housing projects in Madrid and Barcelona. His architectural ideas have been published in two books and his works have been published in over 300 articles in books and architectural magazines.

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