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Occupation, appropriation and imposition are some actions that are currently taking place on Chilean soil. These actions will be presented by using three different cases.

The first one refers to Santiago’s Plaza Italia, located in the city’s central district. This location constitutes the place to witness many collective actions executed by groups and individuals that congregate to ‘appear’ in front of society, they are all of a sudden temporal occupants that charge the territory in symbolic terms. Public manifestations in Plaza Italia are of public interests for the Chilean society; the ground of this territory literally reflects the collective desires that people have.
The second case refers to Puerto Viejo Bay in northern Chile. It corresponds to a small group of individuals that live by the seashore in an improvised ‘resort’ made of precarious houses. This location was built up by the appropriation of the ground and it is the representation of an action won by arguments about needs and rights.

The third case is the Castro Shopping Mall in the island of Chiloé, in the south of Chile. The case here refers to a large-scale commercial structure that has been installed in the city of Castro. The mall promotes a context that stimulates a form of social development through the imposition of new commercial living spaces.

These three examples consider temporary and permanent interventions of the soil onto which they are placed. All these actions executed because of the desires and needs of Chilean people could be understood as environmental performances that shape the perception we have of social spaces.
The notion of performance, when associated to the act of the architect, enables the analysis of human actions taking place in the many different contexts where they are located. It reflects the goals and effects caused by the construction of new participatory spaces that, in the majority of the cases here, refer to matters of social, political and cultural characteristics.

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was born in Santiago, Chile in 1971. He is an Architect and a Master in Architecture from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile and he obtained a Ph.D in Performance Studies at the Tisch
School of Arts of New York University. He has taught at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, New York University and Parsons School of Design. He is currently the Dean at the Faculty of Arts, Design, Architecture and Applied Technology of Universidad de Artes, Ciencias y Comunicación (UNIACC).

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